Re: Amp Question

Actually Michael, it wont hurt them at all. The transducers have a constant
pressure on
them regardless of how they're mounted and the springs are just sprung
between them.
A lot of manufacturers actually mount the spring tank on the side wall of
the amp. Older
Gibson's and others did too when the chassis was mounted in the bottom and
the control
panel up top.


> If you have reverb in the amp, sideways is not good for reverb springs and
> connections.
> Michael Peloquin
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> >I have a tube amp, Fender Blues Deville, with four tens.  At our last
> >due to stage space, my amp was turned sideways, and the guitar amp, a
> >transistor amp, was set on top of it.  It worked great, but I'm wondering
> >if this will hurt my amp.  Maybe it's a no brainer.  Bullfrog
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