where is your Howard Levy?
I love all the button guys, but Howard is at another level 
improvisationally. What little jazz radio there is ignores him already.
I'm sure the show is great, I will give a listen.

Michael Peloquin

>From: Roger A Gonzales <gonz1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I would like to invite you all to please listen to my radio on the WWW 
>every friday from 6am to 9am PST.
>Go to www.kfsr.org  Under the topic "Inside KFSR" click on the live audio 
>stream link and the you will see the KFSR live audio stream link.  You need 
>to have Real Audio player to listen to the show.  it is downloadable from 
>the site if need be.
>thanks for the support.  I hope you enjoy the Jazz...especially the 
>harmonica Jazz that I play.  I currently have Toots, Mike Turk, and 
>Hendrick Muerkins that I am playing.  Hopefully there will be more to come.
>Roger Gonzales
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