Re: too loud

Michael Carreira wrote:
> i've got speakers in my house, i dont want to spend
> good money to go hear "live" music coming out of
> speakers.
> best,
> mike c

Where you go to hear 100% acoustic music? Anyone touring using this 
method, would be cool to see? I got to admit, I never walked into many 
juke joint to find the band isn't plugged in. As mentioned in 
Crossroads, "Muddy Waters invented electricity". And he had sense enough 
to known that quieter is better. I have found that the louder our band 
gets, the less dynamics and control we got. So our band trys to remain 
very quiet and CALM (calm being the key)! To remain calm usually mans to 
lay off the pot and beer (at least till the gig is over). If ya listen 
more than ya play, no one will have trouble with the volume!

Vince Cheney
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