re: body and mind

First, practice religiously. It's the best way to feel relaxed and comfortable 
on stage. Practicing improvisation is good, but a lot of blues greats really 
work hard practicing their scales-read an interview with B B King for example.

But what do you practice? Just blowing isn't going to work-I did that 
sporadically for 30 years. Fun stuff but don't expect to be a spectacular harp 
player. Learn at least 4 different positions so you don't need to think of 
them. Memorize the note layout. The trick is to concentrate and get everything 
right when you practice.I study karate. My sensei tore my form apart- all 
little trivial things. He said if you can't do things perfectly in a nice quiet 
dojo, how do you expect to pull it off at all in the real world.

If you can concentrate on command and you really know your instrument you will 
always be at least competent on stage and when the inspiration hits look out.

The downside is this is very hard work and takes a ton of discipline.

Rainbow Jimmy

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