Hi scorcher,
it is always better to take more speakers (mass ) so it will bee better to=20
play 4 /8" speakers than 1 15" for example. This you have to look with techn=
eys. The mass of one small is not as high as for a bigger one , so he can=20
move better and the selfresonance for feedbacks will bee not the same as wel=
also the pressure will be nicer. Always think about, you can not by a sound=20=
)95% of the sound the Player is doing and the rest like mic and Amp can be t=
most expensive 5 % you=B4ve ever seen. A greate think are the yello jackets=20=
They will change your amp into a class a Amp without changing bias or anythi=
else and at all levels you will have a greate tone. I play a vibroverb 1968=20=
2 10 " Jensen speakers and i only changed the powertubes with two yello=20
jackets so i will not have the 6L6 now i have el86 tubes in class a. This is=
you have a new Amp and the cost was 119$ for all.=20
Bye Ralf

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