Re: Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"

Joe, I take offence that you would suggest using a roll of Quarters as a
weapon to cause pain to another human.

A gym sock sap full of buckshot leaves less of a mark.

> From: the Leones <leone@xxxxxxxx>
> Reply-To: the Leones <leone@xxxxxxxx>
> Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 22:59:58 +0000 (GMT)
> To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"
>> My question is how do more experienced players
>>> deal with the situation?
> J: For thew "Host" I usually carry a roll of (Commemorative)
> quarters wrapped with duct tape (so'z not to loose em). A whack on
> the side of the head usually does the trick.
> For the electric guitar players. Avoiding the place means the club
> looses a customer (add a girlfriend and it's TWO customers). When
> you're famous, don't give THEM a break.

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