Re: What to do when it's too loud

> > Rob says:
> > In my opinion, there is practically no reason for an amp larger
> > than a Blues Junior for harp or guitar.  However, in my
> > experience the drummers are the root of all sonic evil - they get
> > excited and start banging away, then the guitar player turns up
> > to match their snare hits, then the bass player turns up to match
> > the guitar, then the harp player turns up to hear himself, then
> > the drummer gets more excited....
> >

> Roger A Gonzales says:
> There  is alot of validity to this Rob.  I experience it alot of
times with my own band.  The good thing is that with the drummer in my
> band, in fact with all of us in the band, we know when it gets too
loud and we adjust accordingly.  The more experienced the players,
> the more aware the player is about the volume.  This is
unfortunately is not the case in many bands or jam sessions I have
played.  The
> bass player can be the culprit alot of times.  They hear the drummer
get too loud and man!...he's turned his amp up before the guitar
> player.

Roger, as a "recovering Bass player", I want to testify....
The bass player can't HEAR himself 90% of the time, when his volume is
"right". The bass is usually loudest 15-20 (or more) feet away from
the amp. And since bass sound is "omni-directional", EVERYBODY gets
some - except the guy making the noise.

Someone else posted that the sound levels started climbing when basses
got electrified. This is historically correct. Leo Fender INVENTED
Rock & Roll with the Fender Precision Bass....everything else followed
that innovation (OK, it's a screwy perspective, but look it up if you
don't believe me...)

> Harmonica players have to actually LET THE BAND GUYS KNOW that there
is just so much that you can ask from the instrument we
> play.  If we turn up too much, things feed back, or everyone gets
too loud and then the quality of your sound goes to hell and you
> are probably being offensive to your audience.  Not a good thing....
> This is why I stay away from alot of jam sessions these days.  If it
gets too loud, I just pack up, keep my ear plugs in, and have a
>  beer! ;)

Well, you'll get a lot of opportunities to drink beer that way! ;-)
As much as I agree with Rob & Gonzo, I'm still "lusting" after a
Bassman, or Harp King, or Sonny Jr, though. I'd be fun to be asked to
"turn down" just ONCE...               ;-)
- -Scorcher

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