Re: What to do when it's too loud

There  is alot of validity to this Rob.  I experience it alot of times with my own band.  The good thing is that with the drummer in my band, in fact with all of us in the band, we know when it gets too loud and we adjust accordingly.  The more experienced the players, the more aware the player is about the volume.  This is unfortunately is not the case in many bands or jam sessions I have played.  The bass player can be the culprit alot of times.  They hear the drummer get too loud and man!...he's turned his amp up before the guitar player.

Harmonica players have to accutally LET THE BAND GUYS KNOW that there is just so much that you can ask from the instrument we play.  If we turn up too much, things feed back, or everyone gets too loud and then the quality of your sound goes to hell and you are probably being offensive to your audience.  Not a good thing....

This is why I stay away from alot of jam sessions these days.  If it gets too loud, I just pack up, keep my ear plugs in, and have a beer! ;)  

Roger Gonzales   


> In my opinion, there is practically no reason for an amp larger
> than a Blues Junior for harp or guitar.  However, in my
> experience the drummers are the root of all sonic evil - they get
> excited and start banging away, then the guitar player turns up
> to match their snare hits, then the bass player turns up to match
> the guitar, then the harp player turns up to hear himself, then
> the drummer gets more excited....
> Rob
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