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Hey Gang-

I received an inquiry from a British gentleman about the availabilty of 
SB II's swan song on CD. Is this track out on CD anywhere?

Glenn Weiser

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Subject: 	help me!!
Date: 	Fri, 5 Dec 2003 19:31:50 -0000
From: 	john.benton1 <john.benton1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	<glennw@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Glen.
Ive just looked at your site after doing a  google search for Sonny Boy 
Williamsons " Mattie is my wife". I have a LP at home The final sessions 
1963-4 on blue night records     "BN 073-1668". I want to find out if it 
is available on cd. If so  could you tell me the record label and number 
if poss.
I live in the uk. and have been having trouble finding out any 
information on this LP. Many thanks and keep up the good work on sonny 
boy and the harp.
many thanks
john benton

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