Re: Mouthpiece on HOhner 270's

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I had this same problem on my 280.  I sent it back to Hohner.  They =
apparently buffed the inside of the holes with an tripoli buffer or =
something.  They sent it right back with at no charge and the inside of =
the holes are pretty nice now.   =20
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  I wonder if anyone has a solution to the problem of sharp edges on the =
mouthpiece of the Hohner 270's.
  If you will notice, the edges on the holes of the mouthpieces of the =
270's have sharp edges. I play by tonge block and after a session, the =
rubbing of the tonge along the edges can take quite a toll on the =
  I was wondering if there is anyway to round out the edges without =
damaging the chrome on the mouthpiece. I would like to know if anyone =
has this problem and what may be the solution.
  Thanks for any help.
  Cheechmail (Cheech)

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