RE: What to do when it's too loud

>  > Danny Wilson observes:
>>  I think most everyone participating in this thread is missing the point.
>>  Anyone interested in preserving their hearing will automatically have
>>  earplugs with them when they attend a blues concert - or any venue where
>>  "loud" is the order of the day.
>>  However, we are talking SPAH Conventions here. How many people stop to
>>  think to bring earplugs with them when they leave home for a SPAH
>>  gathering? I never do! Maybe most people do, but I sincerely doubt it.
>>  And if our intent is to encourage "everyone" to witness the great shows
>>  at SPAH, which includes the blues shows and jams, I think SPAH is one
>>  place where consideration for all needs to be given.
>  > But that's only my assessment.

   OK, we (obviously work at the same "assessing" office)..hey, 
where's the gold?

   Seriously though, I was playing at a hotel Wed nite. Since the 
smoking ban went into effect, the crowd had disolved. They punched 
out the wall of the bar/rest. (Holiday Inn) and now we are out on the 
boat dock deck. When it's cold, they have isenberg..oops, sorry 
Larry, isenglass curtains you can roll right down in case there's a 
change in the weather. The smokers are in the back but they're there 
   The NEW owner asked our guys (not me) to tone it down. Specifically 
the sax men were told to stay away from the mikes. They had to take 
off their "remotes". The Guitar & Roland went down several notches 
and the drummer "Re-Keyed" his heads.
   The guitar man is one of those who keeps "Sneaking" the dial UP 
when you're not looking. When everybody left, I and the Roland player 
(& drums) did an "Extra" short set. The volume was "Intimate" and the 
people really enjoyed the "soft" Jazz.

   These guys got the message BECAUSE: some of these guys USED to be 
with another band a couple blocks away at the Best Western. THAT gig 
closed down because of VOLUME problems. I had set in with them a 
couple times (back THEN) and I told them that their volume (Richter 
8.1) was capable of reducing humanoids to protoplasm puddles.

   Last night I went to a local park where (at THIS time of year) the 
usual crowd of 250 has swelled to 800 + There are 3 "Pavillions". The 
first one is Country Western. I sat in and played and sang a couple 
numbers. Only the singer or harmonica is allowed on the "T I N Y" 
amplifier (10 watt-set on ONE). Everything else is acoustic.

   After an hour I went to pavillion #2. This one is Bluegrass. It's 
ALL acoustic. "Ole Joe Clark" sounds best when you can actually make 
out the notes. :)

   Several friends showed up and we formed a "DooWop" group with w 
guitars and harmonica & I sang Bass. The venue goes from 7-9:30. We 
were STILL playing at 11:30 and I was doing the "Jobim Album" with 
the guitars. It was just acoustic and we drew a big crowd. So all the 
volume isn't necessary.

   You can't blame the sound man at SPAH (OR Buckeye, for that 
matter). They are being told what volume to set by the performers. I 
have to be honest and say that Dallas was lower than it's been in a 
long time. One or two were too loud, but not critically so.


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