Re: need help with intonation

Rainbow Jimmy:
"I was doubling a guitar line last night(in E) and realized when I slid up 
to the 5 draw I was bending it just a tiny bit, but enough so it jarred with 
the guitar note. Then I realized that what I thought was poor tone, a little 
treble and thin, was actually out of tune notes. This is discouraging 
considering I've been playing for 30 years and just noticed this."


What kind of harp were you blowing? I'd be willing to bet you're blowing 
Just or Compromise tuned harps like Marine Bands, Special 20s, Big Rivers, 
or Hering Vintage 1923s. On these "not equal tuned" harps, some notes are 
the tiniest bit flat to make the chords sweeter. The price you pay for that, 
however, is that sometimes when playing single notes, and especially when 
trying to match lines with another instrument, certain notes sound sour. For 
comparison, try a Golden Melody, which is equal tuned. Also, I'm 99.9% 
certain Lee Oskar harps are equal tuned.

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