Re: conventions

Like Richard Hunter said, at conventions you get to hangout with lots of harmonica players, and quite a variety of harmonica players at that!  You meat the professionals, go to seminars and shows, and meet and re-meet lots of other harp players in different stages of learning and playing harmonicas!

Its great !

I've been to the Buckeye in 2002 and 2003... its only a few hours away and I can usually get the vacation time to go.  2003 was great meeting and watching Lee Oskar--I was right up front (almost too close!).

I enjoyed meeting Pat Missin and going to his harp tuning/tweaking seminar and enjoying his wonderful sense of humor.  I hope Pat makes it again next year!

And meeting Harp-Lers from all these years is the absolute best fun... guys like Hal Iwan, Steve "Moandabluz" Webb, Alec Drachman, Tom Albanese, and many more... just jammin in the hotel room and having fun!  Oh yeah and standing in the hall way outside the hotel room, trying to keep the wall paper from peeling off ! (inside joke!)

I've been to SPAH conventions from 1979 thru 1985 and they were also a blast, getting to meet guys like Bernie Bray, Pete Pederson, and Jerry Murad.

I always come away inspired, but often the day-to-day hectic work schedules and whatever quickly take their toll... but I'm always ready to be inspired again!

All Harp-Lers should belong to the SPAH organization whether you go to the conventions or not, but definitely try to come to any harp-playing convention... its just plain damn fun!

Ken Hildebrand

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