RE: What to do when it's too loud

> Danny Wilson observes:
> I think most everyone participating in this thread is missing the point.
> Anyone interested in preserving their hearing will automatically have
> earplugs with them when they attend a blues concert - or any venue where
> "loud" is the order of the day.
> However, we are talking SPAH Conventions here. How many people stop to
> think to bring earplugs with them when they leave home for a SPAH
> gathering? I never do! Maybe most people do, but I sincerely doubt it.
> And if our intent is to encourage "everyone" to witness the great shows
> at SPAH, which includes the blues shows and jams, I think SPAH is one
> place where consideration for all needs to be given.
> But that's only my assessment.

Danny, you make a clear point here, but is there another way to look at it?
(Please forgive and educate me if I'm out of line here...)

Why do you suppose some SPAH attendees expect lower volume levels at a SPAH
Is it the venue? (I've found Hotel Showrooms are no quieter than the average

Is it their expectation of the music? (I've found most amplified music to be
LOUD in a live situation - no matter what genre)

Is it that the "average" SPAH attendee expects only acoustic and harmonica
ensemble music?

But if that's the case, is that really a "realistic expectation"? What ratio
of SPAH attendees (or members) plays or listens to amplified Blues, Rock, -
or even Amplified Country or Jazz?

Certainly the majority of (member & non-member) harmonica players in the US
play diatonic, and if these lists are a representative sample, amplified.

Many of the "talent" suggestions I've seen are for progressive, modern,
amplified players. (I know I'd expect it to be loud.) Is this perception of
"too loud" caused by a vocal minority with the mistaken assumption that all
music should be played at "Living-Room Listening" volume levels?

You know, that's not even the case with Big Band, Dixieland, or Bluegrass -
and those are all "acoustic" genres.

I appreciate keeping the volume under control in an "amplified environment",
but how loud IS too loud?

(Hope I'm not out-of-line here)
- -Scorcher

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