RE: Jams and Noise and Rifts

> Whit says:
> I have been staying away from a lot of jams because the egos drown out the
> music.

I hope you don't let it keep you from ALL the jams.
You'll find as much ego at the average jam as in any other environment.
Caution: most musicians wait to see what you've got before they feel
friendly. They want to make sure you're a REAL musician. Don't take it as
ego - it's just caution.

It might be a good idea to attend a few jams just to listen, first (from the
audience) -stay for the whole evening - lots of these jams are real
different depending on WHEN you're there.
Support the venue by buying something to eat or drink. Ask the other patrons
When you're ready to jam (after listening for a couple of nights), look for
an ally, or better yet, a Mentor.  Usually, that's the host of the jam
(that's WHY they usually do these jams - they LIKE to help folks).

My first jam, I found the guy hosting it (a harmonica player himself), told
him "I've NEVER done this before. I have NO IDEA what to do, and I'm
intimidated - would you be willing to coach me through this?" He was very
supportive, and it was a great experience.

If the problem is that everybody at the jam has Guitar-itis (over-plays, big
ego trip), find another jam. Or consider hosting one....
- -Scorcher

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