Hello all,
i want to tell you what i think about the XB40.
OK i will start with the positive side.Good bendings and overblows and so on=
you can play it like a chromatic..
If you want to play lovley melodys and perhaps jazzing stile it=B4s a good=20
now i will take the negative side. ( All this is my personal feeling and i=20
speak for some Harpers  i was talking about ).=20

The XB40 is very big. I=B4am also a biker and i will try to see it with a=20
bikerheart for better understanding. Ok what you will get is a Harley big an=
lookgs very imposant. If you want to play Rock Blues Bluesrock and all stuff=
It is like you put a potato in the pipe of the Harley. It sounds ill. I thin=
the technic inside the Harp is greate but the result for the sound has taken=
the bill for it.
I think a wounderful chromatic and greate sounding Harps are the better way=20
to play in your stiles.=20
Bye Ralf

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