Weekend news: harp heard crying for help is rescued

I was doing a bit of cleaning up with the nozzle attached to the vacuum 
cleaner this afternoon when I suddenly became aware of a blood-curdling 
wailing sound.  I turned off the power, thinking that my cat was being 
strangled outside the window.  But the noise only occurred when the vacuum 
cleaner was turned on.  Upon doing a little dismantling I discovered that I 
had sucked up my little 4-hole keyring harp and that it had lodged halfway 
up the nozzle in such a position that the blow notes sounded when I switched 

I rescued the poor thing to find, happily, that it was unscathed.  The real 
tragedy was the discovery that, going by the sound I heard, the vacuum 
nozzle has a better embouchure than I do.

Steve Shaw.

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

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