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Thanks for all the responses, I'll definately have to gets me some Dennis 

I have been exploring  "Blue Skies" in 12th position on my Ab diatonic 
today, and different positions on the chromatic for a while now. Is there 
some kind of ~jazz progression logic~ that will make it easier for me to 
ingrain note selections that are new territory for me? I think if I find 
the key that unlocks the door to this mode of playing, it would bring me a 
lot of personal fun as well as make me a better harp player when I play 
the blues. I am also a little confused on what is jump? I have read there 
was some kind of jump bandwagon in the past, but it didn't come to 
missouri! Is it a jazz style with a name( like there are different styles 
of blues-chicago, piedmont, delta, etc)? I like some things I hear on a 
jazz radio station but a LOT of it absolutely makes me sick or have a 
headache. I don't have a lot of c.d.'s, but a couple of songs I have been 
working out my Bb 270 on from a compilation disc are the previously 
mentioned Estrin song "Coastin' Hank," and William Clarke's "Blowin' like 
Hell". I am intrigued by the note selection since I have been strictly a 
chicago-style student. Thanks in advance for all the help/advice.

- -- -- --next stop is rockabilly.......

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