Re: What to do when it's too loud

The professionally molded protectors are best, of course, but there are some pretty good "stock" protectors
out there.  My favorites, thus far, are E.A.R.  They're a fairly unobtrusive off white, and have a litte
"stick" coming out of the back that conducts high frequency sound inside to balance the sound.  Most
protectors take out more highs, giving us a muffled sound.  EARs have the best sound I've heard.

On Thursday, December 04, 2003 5:10 PM [GMT-7=PDT],Roger A Gonzales <gonz1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have already experienced some ringing in my right ear and probably
> some hearing loss as well.  I went to a hearing center where most
> people go in for hearing aids and had some custom made ear-plugs
> made.  They take a mold of your ear canal and they have them ready in
> about 2 weeks.  They fit great and are very inconspicuous.
> They have interchangable filters that will take out anywhere from 9
> decibles to 25 decibles.  They cost about $100.00.  However, when I
> think about all the rehearsals, gigs, concerts I do, and live
> performances I attend that have the potential to get too loud, it is
> money well spent.  I have to be careful to save what I have left.  If
> you are going out to hear music that is potentially going to be too
> loud, protect your hearing!!  It's worth it no matter what the cost.
> regards,
> Roger Gonzales
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> Subject: What to do when it's too loud
>> I carry a handfull of industrial yellow foam earplugs in my harp
>> case.
>> Sometimes the sight of these things sticking out of my ears gets
>> folks
>> to turn it down a bit.  Sometimes it doesn't.  Either way, I'm not
>> going
>> to lose any more hearing.
>> What do y'all do?
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