Re: Fwd: Re: conventions

Smokey Joe wrote:

>  At the Buckeye (2002), I had occasion to witness almost ALL the 
>older audience members walk out on Lee Oskar's show. Upon 
>questioning this behavior, I got; "I can't stay up that late", 
>YEAH-RIGHT. It was disconcerting to say the least. The wife and I 
>(BOTH 61) stayed and enjoyed. I felt bad for Lee. I mean REAL bad.

I was at the same event and this is not how I remember it. In fact, I
was pleasantly surprised at just how many of the older chromatic
players stayed for most of Lee's set. I just checked with my wife and
that's how she remembers it too. Neither of us recall a mass walk-out.

I recall being impressed with the way he eased into his set by
starting out backed by chord and bass harmonicas, then gradually
adding keyboards, bass, guitar and sax until his full band were on the
stage. I thought it was a great example of how to play to a particular
audience, rather than just doing a "one size fits all" performance.

 -- Pat.

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