RE: singin, jammin (was Why not just call them "Guitar Jams")

Jp Pagan wrote:
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> at first, i didn't care to be a singer, but the more i
> hear this, and the more i play with bands, the more i
> get interested. last year i started some voice lessons
> but quit in order to join a band. the voice lessons
> were the standard "do re mi fa so la ti do" stuff, and
> it didn't sound like anything i'd use to sing blues
> (which is the type of music i dig). can anyone suggest
> a good way to get used to singin blues tunes? informal
> methods, books, videos, what have you. and any
> suggestions for easy songs to start with?
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Hey, Jp!

I am NO blues singer, but I'd like to be.  I did come by a pretty good video
that helped me understand what singing the blues is all about.  It's a
Homespun Tapes VHS entitled, "Learn To Sing The Blues", taught by Gaye
Adegbalola of the "Uppity Blues Women" trio.  It can be found on the
Homespun web site:

The tape is subtitled, "17 tips for performing vocalists", and that is a
very good description.  Gaye, a W.C. Handy award winner, identifies 17 vocal
techniques for singing the blues and then demonstrates each of them by
singing a song that illustrates the technique.  It's quite illuminating.  It
won't turn you into a Muddy Waters immediately, but it certainly helped me
identify some hallmarks of classic blues vocals.  At $30, it's definitely
worth a look-see.

Good luck wichyer sangin'!


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