Re: what to do when it's too loud

>From my own experiences of almost 30 years, and from discussions with other
pros who use custom ear plugs, the hearing specialists will tell you that
the greatest damage is done from the bass, bass drum, cymbols, and then the
guitars, and from having loud electric bass players on my left for a number
of years, from the sound pressure of the bass rigs, I do have a certain
amount of hearing loss in my left ear because of this (and the standup or
doghouse bass has fewer of these problems) and so when I go outside and some
idiot has their car stereo on with the bass really cranked up high, I'm in
sheer physical pain from the sound pressure, and I can understand clearly
why one has to leave the room. Often times a bass player when he stands
directly in front of his rig can hardly hear themselves until they stand 20
feet away from it. If you use the ones on the store shelves, too often
they'll take as much as 29 decibels across the board, which is OK if you're
at Madison Square Garden, but for a gigging musician, in most venues, this
is the worst possible thing, because you need one tapered for what you
usually deal with, and with emphasis placed on the most dangerous

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
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  Glad to hear plugging ear filters.  I'v been playing publicly for
thirty-three years, and had serious ringing in my ears, and loss of hearing.
I, also bought some filters for $100, this year.  I've taken feed hits in
studios and on stage.  Please protect your ears.  My present band is
moderately loud, and I found the nine decible filter works best for me.  The
25 cut too much sound for my ears.  These filters don't muffle the sound,
they just reduse volume, without  cutting highs and lows.  I hope the young
players heed our advice on this one.  Bullfrog

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