Dennis Gruenling reviews

If you like harp, both diatonic and chromatic,
and you like swing (or blues), you've got to appreciate
Dennis.  He's the real deal and a nice guy too.  A
pleasure to hear live and to talk to.  His band and
singer (Gina Fox) are also quite good.

Rich K

> >From: spierm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Hi,
> >I'm interested in hearing what anyone has to say about D.G.'s c.d.'s
> >before I let loose of any hard-earned bread. I really dig William Clarke,
> >Rick Estrin's Coastin' Hank, Little Walter's Off the Wall, Bill Doggett
> >Honkey Tonk, that sort of stuff. Any other harp or horn artists heavy
> >that groove?
> >thanks
> >kcmojoe
> >

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