Why harmonica conventions are really, really great

The question has been asked: what do people get out of a harmonica

The short answer is: you get to hang out -- really hang out, up close
and for extended periods of time -- with a wide-ranging selection of the
most amazing harmonica players on the planet.  I'm talking about people
like Kim Wilson; Rob Paparozzi and Jelly Roll Johnson, two of the
busiest and most accomplished session players in the world; Robert
Bonfiglio, the leading classical viruoso; Carlos del Junco, Mike Turk,
Will Galison, etc., etc.  That's the caliber of player you see, hear,
and talk to at SPAH.  I mean, holy ---!  It's as if you went to a guitar
player's convention and had the opportunity to sit next to Eric Clapton,
John Williams, and John Scofield, all day long, while they talked about
what they do and how they do it, providing frequent hands-on
demonstrations.  Ask yourself what the chances are that you'd ever get
to do something like that at a guitar player's convention, and you'll
see what makes SPAH so remarkable.

Anybody who cares about the harmonica at all is going to get something
wonderful out of an opportunity like that.  I sure do.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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