Rift? (long)

Hey List,
   Doesn't the word 'rift' imply that there was once a time when 
chromatic/harmonica band players & diatonic/blues players were close & somehow things have 
changed? That must have been before my time. Anyway,  I  think we might be 
making some big over-generalizations here.  Within the broad category of 
Chromatic there is everyone from Bill Barret to Doug Tate to Brendan Power to 'you 
name it'. Diatonic encompasses Levy to Guyger to McCoy & more.  Hey, everyone is 
not going to like everything--big surprise! 
  I have enjoyed every single harmonica event I've been to, even though there 
are always a bunch of performances  I'm not particularly interested in. 
Often, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying music I would never listen 
to at home. 
    I do understand the volume issue. It is a huge deal if you are not used 
to hearing loud bands. I play in a loud band & it bugs me! (I blame drummers).  
Any steps taken to lower volume to suit the rooms is to be applauded. My 
guess, though,  is that any electric "rock" or rockin' blues band is going to be 
too loud for many conventioneers.  So.... don't go. Listen from the hall. 
  I,  for one, don't see a big need to make any changes in our 
convention/festival formats. I like the mix of styles at the evening performances, & I 
really like the all day, all night hanging out. I enjoy the company of the 
chromatic harmonica band guys, & I'd like to get to know more of them, but I barely 
have time to hang with the many, many good friends I have made as a direct 
result of harmonica events.
  I give a big  thanks to everyone involved in the awesomely hard work it 
takes to put these events on. If you love harmonica & have never been to Buckeye, 
SPAH, or a Summit, you really should go. Maybe I'm dense, but I don't think 
any 'rift' has ruined a convention for anyone. You will find something cool to 
enjoy without looking too hard. 
later, Rosco
maybe august 

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