RE: (singin, jammin) Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"

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> > does it really have to be "shut up, play your
> > solo, and shut up"?

> Mojo Red answers:
> Nope. It sure doesn't.
> If you have an itch to play behind someone in a jam
> situation, then do so ~carefully~, do so
> ~mindfully~... keep your ears open and keep your
> eye on who you're playing behind. If he/she doesn't
> want you there, they'll let you know soon enough.
> If you're work is appreciated, you just hang in
> that pocket... as unobtrusive as a skilled rhythm
> guitarist.
> That's my take anyhow.
> Harpin' in Colorado,
> --Ken M.

Ken nailed it again.
One other suggestion: I sometimes listen to the Bass, or the Drums for s
line or rhythm that will help things along. (Or, of course - horns.)
- -Scorcher

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