Why attend harmonica conventions?
When I attended the Buckeye Harmonica Festival last April I had the
following positive experiences:
1) Heard some wonderful concerts ranging from Classical to modern
jazz/rock/fusion, including one with Lee Oscar.
2) Got to breakfast with Lee and discuss manufacturing, the history of his
company, his playing with an internationally famous band, etc. He also
joined our blues jam one night. I really enjoyed speaking with him,
jamming, and hearing his playing.
3) Got some great hints about harmonica technology (tuning and gapping) and
playing technique at the workshops.
4) Got to play for some of the cream of the crop of the harmonica world and
get their positive feedback. Frankly, it was very good for my self image as
a musician.
5) Met a BUNCH of very nice people who also happen to play harmonica.
Continue to be in regular communication with one of them, who happens to
play music I love but can't play on harp. (Chris Bauer is a monster
chromaticist on bebop/jazz/standards.)
6) Got to hear in person for the first time chord and bass harps and gain an
appreciation of the artistry involved in playing them.
There's more, but you get the idea.
And, oh yeah, I took a day off from work. A "bad" day at a harmonica
convention is a helluva lot better than a good day at work.

Harmonica Blu

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