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>>  I have been playing/practicing Blues Harp for about a year.

    J: OK, that's not a (whole) lot of time, but YOU're year may 
equate to 2 or 3 for another player.

>   Recently, I
>>  started going to the local blues jams.  The first few times were great.
>>  host band was supportive and encouraged me to get up and play and I
>>  a ton.

   J: OK, THAT's the way a Jam is SUPPOSED to be.

>   Then that particular band stopped running the gig, so lately I've
>>  been trying out some other jams in town (Denver).  OK, I've heard all the
>>  harmanoica player jokes, but didn't think they amounted to a full-blown
>>  bias.  Now I know different.  I'm learning and my ego isn't that big.  I
>>  know I don't sound like LW or Cotton. But even BEFORE I go up and play,
>>  usually treated like a second class citizen.

   J: Before? In other words, even before they know what you sound like?

>   Tonight, at a place that I
>>  never played before, I heard the Jam's host ask the guitarists if they
>>  wanted a harp player to sit in - They said no

   J: In other words, the MC is NOT in charge. Apparently some 
arrangement made beforehand, Obviously with one of the guitar players

>, so I sat out the real
>>  electric blues set and they stuck me with an acoustic folk
>>    I floundered trying to play first position and third position to
>>  his minor keys.

   J: Minor keys (starting out player) are not a good choice. You 
needed to play YOUR stuff. A jam doesn't necessarily mean that 
everyone who wants to play just follow what the "Band" leader picks. 
You should be able to suggest something yourself.

>   I'm just starting to get comfortable in Cross Harp.
>>  the first song, the host came up to the guitarist and said he was doing a
>>  good job "drowning out the harp player.")

   J: What is the status of this "Host" Is he the owner or something?

>   It wasn't fair to me or the
>>  guitar player, who was very good.

   J: OK< guitar player was good BUT was he willing to "work" with 
you, or dead set in doing HIS stuff. Possibly this was HIS only shot 
at playing too.

>  >
>>  I'm not just writing to whine. I won't go back there, but  I love playing
>>  and I'm not going to quit.

   J: Good

>   My question is how do more experienced players
>>  deal with the situation?

   J: For thew "Host" I usually carry a roll of (Commemorative) 
quarters wrapped with duct tape (so'z not to loose em). A whack on 
the side of the head usually does the trick.
   For the electric guitar players. Avoiding the place means the club 
looses a customer (add a girlfriend and it's TWO customers). When 
you're famous, don't give THEM a break.

>   How can I "cut my chops" on the Harp?

   J: Same way you get to the House of Blues (diatonic's equivalent of 
Carnegie Hall), practice, practice, practice.........smokey-j

>   And Does
>>  anyone know of a harp-friendly jam in Denver?
>>  Thanks
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