Re: Convention Artist Suggestions

 When I went to the first SPAH 2002 I found the Harmonica groups to be most
interesting as I missed that entire musical movement.  I think it is great
to be able to read and play a piece on chromatic, I could do more pick up
work with a horn group if I could read something beyound chord charts.
I really enjoyed the hybrid stylings of Damion Mastrson (sp) & Bill Barlett
they knocked me out!

 Not to take the high road, but I like it ALL!


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> I note that Sugar Blue and Lee Oskar have both been suggested a few
> times recently as prime candidates for "name" players meant to draw the
> crowds. And my comments here are not meant to disregard them, but only
> to point out they are not "new" names to SPAH. Both have appeared more
> than once at SPAH Conventions past.
> Others have been Corky Seigel, Madcat Ruth, Charlie Musselwhite, Little
> Sonny, Wild Child Butler, Charlie McCoy, Gary Green, Jerry Portnoy, Adam
> Gussow, Gary Primich, Mike Stevens, Mike Turk, Paul deLay, Mark Hummel,
> Kim Wilson, Curtis Salgado, Steve Baker, Paul Watson, Richard Hunter,
> Rob Paparozzi, Sam Lay (drummer), Greg Fingers Taylor, Brendan Power,
> Tom Ball, Preston Smith, Norton Buffalo, Sam Myers, Kirk Jelly Roll
> Johnson, - the list goes on. Admittedly, not all names listed above are
> on equal footing with regard to noteriety among music fans in general,
> but many are. Someone noted that Norton Buffalo is not a recognizeable
> name among the masses - I beg to differ. He is widely recognized for his
> association of 25-plus years with the Steve Miller Band.
> And I am quick to point out that all of the above - barring none - are
> great supporters of SPAH. None came for the "big bucks" - all came for
> the love of associating with harmonica lovers of all ages.
> Hopefully that will continue for at least another 40 years!
> Danny
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