Convention Artist Suggestions

I note that Sugar Blue and Lee Oskar have both been suggested a few 
times recently as prime candidates for "name" players meant to draw the 
crowds. And my comments here are not meant to disregard them, but only 
to point out they are not "new" names to SPAH. Both have appeared more 
than once at SPAH Conventions past.

Others have been Corky Seigel, Madcat Ruth, Charlie Musselwhite, Little 
Sonny, Wild Child Butler, Charlie McCoy, Gary Green, Jerry Portnoy, Adam 
Gussow, Gary Primich, Mike Stevens, Mike Turk, Paul deLay, Mark Hummel, 
Kim Wilson, Curtis Salgado, Steve Baker, Paul Watson, Richard Hunter, 
Rob Paparozzi, Sam Lay (drummer), Greg Fingers Taylor, Brendan Power, 
Tom Ball, Preston Smith, Norton Buffalo, Sam Myers, Kirk Jelly Roll 
Johnson, - the list goes on. Admittedly, not all names listed above are 
on equal footing with regard to noteriety among music fans in general, 
but many are. Someone noted that Norton Buffalo is not a recognizeable 
name among the masses - I beg to differ. He is widely recognized for his 
association of 25-plus years with the Steve Miller Band.

And I am quick to point out that all of the above - barring none - are 
great supporters of SPAH. None came for the "big bucks" - all came for 
the love of associating with harmonica lovers of all ages.

Hopefully that will continue for at least another 40 years!

- -- 
Danny Wilson - Santa Clarita, CA
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