The Rift, SPAH 2003

Just a note on all of this as it applies to the Dallas event.  The folks at
HOOT wanted to book as many artists as possible who had a significant
reputation but had never performed at a SPAH.  When you look around at ALL
of the harmonica players out there, there aren't many chromatic players who
fall into this category;  there are, of course, many diatonic players.
This may be the real problem at conventions:  There are so few chromatic
players, and their numbers are dwindling.  So it's nearly impossible to
find three great new acts like we had in Dallas, unless you go overseas
(all three were from Europe, although Greg Maret has been living in NYC for
a few years).  Not so of course, with diatonic players, many of whom rarely
tour over 500 miles from home but have great reputations and many
recordings well circulated.  TOM ELLIS/Tom's Mics

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