Re: (singin, jammin) Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"

i've never played in a jam, so i speak from
inexperience, but this thread comes around alot and i
don't usually butt in. thought i'd take the
opportunity to ask questions:

- --- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "M. Erickson"
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> t.albanese writes:
>  " Be a singer and band leader as well as harp
player.  "
> This is excellent advice. If you play blues or rock
harmonica then be
> prepared to sing. It's really not that difficult. 

at first, i didn't care to be a singer, but the more i
hear this, and the more i play with bands, the more i
get interested. last year i started some voice lessons
but quit in order to join a band. the voice lessons
were the standard "do re mi fa so la ti do" stuff, and
it didn't sound like anything i'd use to sing blues
(which is the type of music i dig). can anyone suggest
a good way to get used to singin blues tunes? informal
methods, books, videos, what have you. and any
suggestions for easy songs to start with?

> The biggest fault of inexperienced harp players is
that they play way too
> much. They step all over the singer and all over the
guitar solo. So just
> sit back, until it's your turn to solo. Don't try to
do the fills or comp
> the guitar solo. Just find the groove listening to
the bass and drums. When
> it's your turn to solo, play your guts out for 24
bars and then stop. Leave
> 'em wanting more.

again, i've yet to be at a jam, but this sounds
boring. if i'm on stage with a bunch of guys and i
can't play a lick except in my solos, i'm gonna get
peeved. in the band i play in now (amateur by any
standard) i try hard not to overplay: i don't solo on
every song, i don't play over other people's solos, i
have only one solo-intro, and while i do play during
the vocals on some songs, i try to play "in the back"
and i keep it simple, and sparse. i understand a jam
is a different situation, but surely playing a fill
from time to time, or a playing a line in the back
here or there isn't a crime? well, depending on how
you play it, i suppose ;) does it really have to be
"shut up, play your solo, and shut up"?

and thanks to t. albanese for his great advice. it's
printed and on my wall...


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