(Kein Thema)

Hi Dov ,  eric wrote=A0
The biggest fault of=A0inexperienced harp players is that they play way too=20
much. They step all over the singer and all over the guitar solo. So just si=
back, until it's your turn to solo. Don't try to do the fills or comp the gu=
solo. Just find the groove listening to the bass and drums. When it's your=20
turn to solo, play your guts out for 24 bars and then stop. Leave 'em wantin=
Guitarists are a funny bunch of characters and have their own rules and=20
rituals. At times they can be vicious. But if you play blues or rock you got=
learn to deal with them. The electric guitar is an amazing, wonderful instru=
and the music that guitarist create can be downright dazzling, but many=20
guitarist are a walking catalog of neuroses, quirks and abnormalities. Just=20=
friendly with them, buy 'em a beer once in a while, and never, ever step on=20=
one of=20
their solos.=A0

Thats it. By Ralf

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