Re: tape on inside od coverplates

Hi Dov,
I also have Hering, but my personal tip is , its better to eat fish than to=20
play it.=20
Every month we have a big Harpermeeting and all said that a Hering is good=20
for playing at your home and to learn with, but i dont know a Harper gigging=
with it. ( Heringharpers please dont kill me now but it=B4s my personal feel=
ing ) .=20
I play special20 and Lee Oskar and sometimes Marine. With all my harps the=20
first i do is to open the backsidetins, like you can see at the homepage " h=
rod Music Custom Harmonicas. Than i adjust all the reeds and practise the=20
ambossing. Also i love to play specials just out of the box . on the reedpla=
tes i=20
put a small tape so the Harp will not lose Air . So if you think Hohner is=20
expensive, i will tell you that in Germany i we pay up to 30 % more for a ge=
harp and all the stuff for.=20
Bye Ralf

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