Hi Frank,
dont worry about this, it will be not the first time for you, but a session=20
is a session and it=B4s for all to play the music they like. There are alot=20=
Guitarreplayer, they think to be the star of the session. They play and the=20
publik is in good form. Than a Harpplayer comes and with a little thriller a=
some greate tones the publik become crasy ( the gitarreplayer become crasy t=
and thats the reason.....) First tip. Dont show directly all you can do with=
your Harp. Give the ( I call them Alphaanimals ) a good feeling to bee the f=
player. So play in the backline. Than more and more show what you can do wit=
your harp. I dont like to kick away guitarrists but sometimes when i see, th=
he dont give a chance to other musicans too i take the mic and he will becom=
very small.:-)))))))))))))))))))) This happens last week too in D=FCsseldorf=
and after 4 houers playing this Alphaguy whants to build a band with me and=20=
other players. Be cearfull with this people. they will never accept a second=
frontplayer because they love to mutch the egotrip. So if they say no to you=
give in a little breake of the session a greate Harpplaying only like this=20
without Amp. If you can win the hearts of the puplik you have won the first=20
round. After if you will play with an Alphaanimal he will try to kick you aw=
ay ( be=20
sure ). So take out your insperation and take the Alpha at his balls. Not al=
sessions are like that , but a session have a special kick for all . If you=20
was good in playing the harp you will be acceptet by all and for this evenin=
also by MR Alpha. But in real he will hate you.
This is the most bad thing for the music but man , you will see more and mor=
musician with there owen carracter .
Also in a band that you will have perhaps one day. To find Friends and only=20
have fun with them to do music is a gift and take the most attention for thi=
s .
Ok i hope my english is not too bad , but i hope you understand what i want=20
to say.
By Ralf BBH

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