Re: The Rift (was: Conventions)

Danny makes a great point here. Even though I enjoy a good, loud blues band, many people don't and
any act trying to play early in the night at a convention should keep this in mind. Rob Papparozi 
and Frederick Yonnet are a couple of diatonic players that managed to keep the volume in check and
as a result, their recent convention performances were thoroughly enjoyed by "both sides of the

I have also noticed the "rift" at several conventions, though more at SPAH than Buckeye. When I sat
down to my first banquet dinner at SPAH '98, an older gentleman asked me what I played. When I
replied "mostly diatonic" he said "I knew you were one of them 'wah-wah' boys". Needless to say, the
rest of the dinner was a bit uncomfortable. 

Solutions? At your next convention, take a good look at the people who get along so well with both
camps. A few names off the top of my head: Douglas Tate, Danny Wilson, Alan Holmes, Joe Filisko,
Buzz, Iceman, Rob P., Blackie, Bobbie...   These folks all do a lot to bridge the "great divide". 


P.S. - I also quit slidemeister for reasons similar to those already stated in other posts. There is
a difference between wanting a list to focus only on chromatic and being down right divisive, and I
found too much of the latter. 

On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 01:05:18 -0800, BassHarp wrote:

> While I was unable to attend the Dallas convention, I have received many 
> comments regarding the pros and cons of the various attributes.
> Indeed there has been an increasing amount of attention being paid to 
> "diatonic vs chromatic" camps, but the most negative comments I have 
> heard did not relate so much to the differences as to the apparent need 
> of the diatonic (blues) artists to test the volume levels of the sound 
> system to their extreme. This drove many chromatic interests out of the 
> room, rather than the dislike of "diatonic harmonicas". And I will point 
> out that Dallas does not have the corner in this area of complaints. It 
> happens every year in recent memory, but seems to be progressively more 
> consistent.
> Is this because most of the chromatic lovers are from the "old camp", 
> getting on in age, thus not understanding the need for hearing-loss 
> decibels? I don't think so, but rather some attention needs be given to 
> the volume levels for everyone's comfort.
> Please consider this as one of the many factors for future conventions.
> Danny

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