Re: The Rift (was: Conventions)

    MR. Wilson wrote;

>While I was unable to attend the Dallas convention, I have received 
>many comments regarding the pros and cons of the various attributes.
>Indeed there has been an increasing amount of attention being paid 
>to "diatonic vs chromatic" camps, but the most negative comments I 
>have heard did not relate so much to the differences as to the 
>apparent need of the diatonic (blues) artists to test the volume 
>levels of the sound system to their extreme. This drove many 
>chromatic interests out of the room, rather than the dislike of 
>"diatonic harmonicas". And I will point out that Dallas does not 
>have the corner in this area of complaints. It happens every year in 
>recent memory, but seems to be progressively more consistent.
>Is this because most of the chromatic lovers are from the "old 
>camp", getting on in age, thus not understanding the need for 
>hearing-loss decibels? I don't think so, but rather some attention 
>needs be given to the volume levels for everyone's comfort.
>Please consider this as one of the many factors for future conventions.

   Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant. While the size of the room at 
Dallas was large enough to "absorb" this abuse, I can remember one 
convention of note where Paul DeLay was playing. I desperately wanted 
to hear this astonishing player but due to the million Roentgen sound 
level, I was driven to listen from the "Hallway" so as not to suffer 
a skull melt-down.    smokey-j

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