Re: tape on inside od coverplates

> Dov says:
> I just got a Hering 1923 and I am farirly pleased with
> it, but two things bother me:
> 1 - the #1 draw makes a small rattling sound when I
> draw (and bend) hard - any suggestions to fix this?

I have had the problem on a 365SBS. Even if played "gently" the reed
would strike the inside of the cover. I corrected it by dinpling the
cover over the offending reed: remove the cover, locate the problem
area, and slghtly dimple the cover with a small hammer & a punch with
a rounded end. GO EASY. You don't want to deform the whole cover -
just make a little 1/8" high "dome" over the place where the reed is
striking the cover. It may not look great, but it DOES work.

> 2-  THe overall sound is slightly more trebely
> (thinner) than I like. I have seen some custome harps
> that have strips of tape (adhesive? gaffer tape?) on
> the inside of the coverplates, at the top, near the
> mouthpiece. Is this used as a "damper" ? would this
> give my harp a slightly less bright tone?

Yes, but is the "brightness" something only YOU (the player) are
perceiving because of the cover configuration? The kind of covers that
have holes in the ends (like a Marine Band) often convey a different
kind of tone to the player than to the audience. Before you tape it,
try recording yourself (with the mic several feet away) playing one of
your favorite licks with the Hering, and with your favorite "other"
harmonica. I bet you'll have a hard time preceiving a significant
difference, from a listener's point of view.

If you still think the Hering's too bright, tape away....
- -Scorcher

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