Many of the suggestions I've seen are performers I've never heard of.   I'm sure that
most of them are exceptional harp players, but I believe that SPAH needs some NAME
draws!  By "name" draw I mean someone known but inside and OUTSIDE the harp community.
So while Norton Buffalo may be a "name" to SPAH members, I'd say he doesn't really
qualify as a name draw because few people outside the harp community know of him.

On the other hand I see from Danny's gig list that John Sebastian is currently touring.
  That's the kind of name draw I'm talking about!  Of course there are some names out
there who play harp as a sideline, but I'm talking about name players who are also
respected as players by the harp community.   Stevie Wonder, John Popper, Taj Mahal,
Sugar Blue, and John Sebastian all fit that bill.   Wonder and Popper may not be
attainable, but I'd like to see a serious effort to get Taj, John Sebastian or Sugar Blue.

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