Re: Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Frank Turina wrote:


"the host came up to the guitarist and said he was doing a 
 good job 'drowning out the harp player'.")


 "I'm not just writing to whine. I won't go back there, but  I love 
playing and I'm not going to quit."

Exactly.  I can't tell you how many musicians I've interviewed who were, 
at one time or another, motivated (double-time) by people dissing them.  
Gary Primich told me Louis Meyers once told him he sucked 
(I'm paraphrasing) and although it hurt bad, his resolve to learn/improve 
turned steely.  Later, he went back for respect...and got it.  So this 
dis-respect we've all felt one time or another is a motivating force -- to 
we stubborn types...and musicians (it seems to me) have to have a certain 
amount of that just to get by in this business.  I ain't saying it's right 
- -- just motivating. 

I also thought it was funny that the writer of this post complained about 
being dissed by electric guitarists with the phrase "they stuck me with an 
acoustic guitarist."  

Cathi N.

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