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Subject: tape on inside od coverplates

> Hi -
> I just got a Hering 1923 and I am farirly pleased with
> it, but two things bother me:
> 1 - the #1 draw makes a small rattling sound when I
> draw (and bend) hard - any suggestions to fix this?

Hohner Marine Bands also do this same thing too. On Herings, they use a
slightly longer reed so you may notice this a bit more (based on using
Marine Bands, both stock and custom for 30 years). The real solution is to
not play so hard all the time.

> 2-  THe overall sound is slightly more trebely
> (thinner) than I like. I have seen some custome harps
> that have strips of tape (adhesive? gaffer tape?) on
> the inside of the coverplates, at the top, near the
> mouthpiece. Is this used as a "damper" ? would this
> give my harp a slightly less bright tone?

About 10-12 years ago, Rick Epping told me that Howard Levy placed a couple
of layers of 3M Micropore tape to take down the brightness. If you do this
on the Hering Vintage harps, do NOT use more than a single layer or risk it
interfering with the reed clearance, based on the cover plate shape as well
as the reed length. Part of what appears to be brightness is the fact that
with a reed plate that's 30% thicker than any other stock diatonic makes the
reed play louder and more aggressively.

> (before anyone suggests this is due to my technique,
> let me add that my comments are relative to MY playing
> on other harps, such as Marine Bands, Special 20 and
> Big Rivers with Hohner replacement reeds)
> Thanks in advance for any tips!
> Dov Hammer

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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