Re: Conventions and "The Rift"

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> Probably because neither can relate to each other's real experiences. SPAH
> 20 years ago was FAR worse about this situation, AFAIK both camps are geing
> far too stupid with this crap and are shooting themselves in the foot/

"The Rift" improved greatly during SPAH 1994 - 2000. It was the main focus of 
Bob Williams' presidency. He was responsible for getting me involved with 
SPAH primarily to work on this very problem with him and great strides were made. 
Unfortunately, the philosophy behind the planning and execution for the 
Convention changed after 2000.

The Convention will always be a direct reflection of the attitudes of whoever 
is in charge, whether this be an individual or BOD. If "The Rift" has widened 
once again, it should be directly recognized for what it is and become a 
focus point during the planning and execution of the next Convention.

The Iceman

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