Re: Mouthpiece on HOhner 270's

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 00:40:06 EST
From: Cheechmail@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Mouthpiece on HOhner 270's

I wonder if anyone has a solution to the problem of sharp edges on the
mouthpiece of the Hohner 270's. If you will notice, the edges on the holes
of the mouthpieces of the 270's  have sharp edges. I play by tonge block and
after a session, the rubbing of the  tongue along the edges can take quite a
toll on the tongue. I was wondering if there is anyway to round out the
edges without damaging  the chrome on the mouthpiece. I would like to know
if anyone has this problem  and what may be the solution. Thanks for any
Cheechmail (Cheech)

Hello Cheech,
Yes.  Its a simple 15 minute operation.
  The nickel plating is thick enough that you can slightly bevel the sharp
edges to a smooth rounded edge.
I personally use a PS2 Shofu Brownie on a hobby variable speed rotary tool.
I do it as a matter of course with the Hohner 270s I sell.

  You are welcome to send me your mouthpieces for this work.  I'll charge 15
minutes plus return shipment.


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