Re: The Rift (was: Conventions)

While I was unable to attend the Dallas convention, I have received many 
comments regarding the pros and cons of the various attributes.

Indeed there has been an increasing amount of attention being paid to 
"diatonic vs chromatic" camps, but the most negative comments I have 
heard did not relate so much to the differences as to the apparent need 
of the diatonic (blues) artists to test the volume levels of the sound 
system to their extreme. This drove many chromatic interests out of the 
room, rather than the dislike of "diatonic harmonicas". And I will point 
out that Dallas does not have the corner in this area of complaints. It 
happens every year in recent memory, but seems to be progressively more 

Is this because most of the chromatic lovers are from the "old camp", 
getting on in age, thus not understanding the need for hearing-loss 
decibels? I don't think so, but rather some attention needs be given to 
the volume levels for everyone's comfort.

Please consider this as one of the many factors for future conventions.

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Danny Wilson - Santa Clarita, CA
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