Re: bottle rocket fuel...conventions...the meaning of life...

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 13:57:42 -0500
From: "Warren Bachman" <wbachman@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: bottle rocket fuel...conventions...the meaning of life...

I just wonder why folks come to these things in the first place.
maybe others can answer my question....why would you or do you go to
harmonica conventions...what's your agenda?

La Te Da...


Harmonicas = Good fun.
Mostly to share this fun with other people.
I have had two rare occassions to trip over to another country to join in
the fun, and its always been about the people.  Making contact face to face
is much better than over the internet if you have the option.
Also it wasn't until I went to my first convention, heard the music, met the
people, heard them talking and playing in person, watched people's reactions
that I really understood what was going on and was really inspired - that
first experience set me on fire, been going ever since.
You simply can't get that from emails, websites and CD recordings.


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