Re: Why not just call them "Guitar Jams"

> Frank Turina says:
> I have been playing/practicing Blues Harp for about a year.
Recently, I
> started going to the local blues jams.  The first few times were

> Tonight, at a place that I
> never played before, I heard the Jam's host ask the guitarists if
> wanted a harp player to sit in - They said no, so I sat out the real
> electric blues set
> I won't go back there, but  I love playing
> and I'm not going to quit.

Assuming you play reasonably well, and the guitarists in attendance do
not have reason to hold a contrary opinion, you may have stumbled into
an "elitist" jam, or even a "Pro-Invitational" jam. Some local jams
aren't really "open" -they only allow their home-boys to play during
the heavy traffic times, and cluster unknowns together at a less
desirable time. (Usually at the request of the Club Owner).

Wednesday night might not be the best time to make your chops at a
jam - you might consider trying the same place on a Sunday or Monday -
usually smaller crowds, friendlier jams on those nights.

> My question is how do more experienced players
> deal with the situation?

An experienced player would probably:
1. Blow the house down (really show them what a great harmonica player
can do)
2. Find a friendlier jam
3. Both

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