Re: The Rift (was: Conventions )

> > > Iceman says:
> > > My observation is that the split between the chromatic/diatonic
> > > community has grown wider in the last 3 years. This is based not
> > > on what I saw and felt during the evening concerts, daily open
> > > stages and seminars, but also on comments made to me by
attendees and
> > > those that have chosen not to attend SPAH (some of these being
> > > class performers).
> > >
> > > This is a very real concern and may just be more important than
> > > talent to book for the conventions.


> > Scorcher exclaims:
> > Now you've done it! You've touched-off a bottle-rocket of a topic.
> >
> > The rest of the "musical population" doesn't stratify according to
> > INSTRUMENTS they play or enjoy listening to - they gravitate
> > the genre(s) of music they enjoy. (Rock fans, Country Bars,
> > Concerts, Blues Societies, etc.)
> >
> > Could it be (HERESY) that we should stop thinking of ourselves as
> > "Harmonica Players (or, if you prefer "Harmonicists"), and begin
> > thinking about ourselves as (Classical / Rock / Blues / Folk /
> > Popular) MUSICIANS?
> Barbeque Bob:
> As a pro musician, this IS the right attitude, that is bering a
> who's instrument is the harmonica, NOT the other way around, and
that is one
> of the BIG reasons why the stereotypes about harmonica and its
> continues to persist

OK...But where does that leave us?

All of us on these lists, and in SPAH, NHL, etc., LOVE the instrument,
yet, we have this "rift"....

If we all just decide to be musicians instead of harmonica players,
what happens to our clubs, conventions, etc.?

Well, one of the CAUSES of the rift is that (brace yourselves -BROAD
generalizations approaching) chromatic players seem to consider
themselves more...legitimate. Most of 'em (or many of 'em) READ. Most
of them play more - er - conventionally...that is to say "within the
original design parameters of the instrument".

We Diatonic players get a little...wild, don't we? We bend, over-blow,
growl, chug, yip, bark at the moon...and many of us (most?) don't read
music, let alone play nice with others or color inside the lines!

Chromatics are like Dinner Jackets; Diatonics are like Leathers
(XB-40s don't fit in my little universe, yet!).

I still don't have a
- -Scorcher

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