bottle rocket fuel...conventions...the meaning of life...

I just wonder why folks come to these things in the first place. There
really are a number of agendas that harmonica lovers can take when it comes
to harp conventions. The one I took when I went this year to SPAH for the
first time was that I wanted to see as much stuff  that I had never seen
before and to meet people that I had never met before. I listen/play the
blues thing  over 350 days a chromatic/ensemble curiosity was
high....and not necessarily cause I want to learn and play all that...just
cause I won't see it for another year!

I saw the great divide in Dallas...but some of my best memories were hanging
on the other side of the tracks....great people, great talent and from a
whole 'nuther planet than I...which meant a GREAT TIME! I think the "age"
thing affects affects me...I love hangin' with people of
experience and wisdom....some don't have the same perspective...

Final observation....being a sales and marketing guy...I couldn't help but
notice the smiles of innocent bystanders that happened to end up in a hotel
full of harmonica nuts. ...perhaps the dollars to bring in the big names and
many more "smaller" names and smooth the great divide could come from the
non harp playing's all about marketing....the circus we call a
harmonica convention has mega potential entertainment factor. No other
musical instrument in this world is capable of pulling off what goes on at a
harmonica's the nature of it's size, diversity, portability
much less the awesome music that comes out of them....

maybe others can answer my question....why would you or do you go to
harmonica conventions...what's your agenda?

La Te Da...


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