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 In our little borough we have the same entertainment fight for summer =
concert dollars.  Everyone wants the 18 piece Glenn Miller band or the =
Beatles tribute band for big bucks.  I lose every year whne I purpose we =
could have 10 'roots muisc' bands for the price of 2 and that means =
music outdoors every summer weekend.,..not just twice!  =20
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    Getting performers for conventions is one of the more intersting =
threads for me in some time. I used to be the entertainment writer for a =
daily newspaper and have watched all types of different promotions for =
shows, conventions, festivals etc. The wide range of ideas on  how to do =
these things are apparently still in play... About the only constant I =
noticed among all these is the fact that few make money. . .  One of the =
reasons I enjoy Buckeye so much is because it's small, intimate (no, not =
that kind of intimate, unless you . . .oops, another story) and often =
finds people I have not heard of. I thought Frederick Yonnet was great, =
as was Wailin' Wood. I didn't know either beforehand.
    Which was my point with Big Al and the Heavyweights... just a fun =
band I know the crowd would love, with either Jason Ricci or Red on =
harp.  I live reasonably near Minneapolis. Clint Hoover is a great harp =
player who would play for a reasonable fee, I bet. Pat Hayes of the =
Lamont Cranston Band is a superb player and would be a possibility. =
Curtis Blake is the best blues harp player in the Twin Cities, won a WC =
Handy award a few years back.. etc.  I bet every larger city has some =
players like these.=20
  I guess the main thing is, I always hope to see at least one new =
player when I go to a convention. And if I don't, I'll still go back the =
following year.
    And the skills of the players who are regulars at these conventions =
are worth way more than the price of the event.
    My 2 bucks worth.

  Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
  still a fool for the harp

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