Re: Conventions

Since the door has been opened and opinions are being expressed about 
harmonica conventions, allow me to add my voice to the chorus.

SPAH 03 was my first convention since SPAH 2000, having attended every SPAH 
beginning with 1994 as well as a few Buckeye's. 

My observation is that the split between the chromatic/diatonic community has 
grown wider in the last 3 years. This is based not only on what I saw and 
felt during the evening concerts, daily open mic stages and seminars, but also on 
comments made to me by attendees and those that have chosen not to attend 
SPAH (some of these being world class performers).

This is a very real concern and may just be more important than what talent 
to book for the conventions. 

Now, I fully expect long postings in defense of how wonderful everything was 
and all the usual rally around the positives, but this is an important issue 
that needs to be addressed. Since Jack, Douglas and their friend John Hall have 
stated that this community should have a voice in shaping these events, 
perhaps we can make suggestions on how best to close this gap within the 

The Iceman

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